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Watch how a mare wakes up the cute foal in nutrition time

The natural process of nursing a foal.

The natural process of nursing a foal is well demonstrated in this video.

Mare and the sleeping foal


A mare delicately awakens her cute foal in a stall with open area surrounded by grass to signal that it is nursing time.
After the mare gently taunts foal with her head, the foal gets up to take what is rightfully hers.

The biological cycle of breastmilk feeding and the timing of milk feeding is critical for the foal’s growth and immunity.
And, of course, breastfeeding time is necessary.
The mare understands the significance of this process. As a result, wakes up her foal at the appropriate moment.
When it’s time for them to wake up, the mare will nuzzle her foal to get him to open his eyes. She will then begin pushing him until he begins drinking milk.

A healthy foal.

Mare awaken the foal

A healthy newborn foal is responsive, and extremely active. When observing the newborn from a distance, take note of the foal’s attitude, readiness to nurse, knowledge of the surroundings, connection with the mare, ability to move around, and breathing rhythm. We’ve all heard that foals are among the most precocious newborns in the animal kingdom. Certainly, the newborn foal is particularly active shortly after birth and can keep up with mare.

Foal drinking breast milk

Mares urge their newborn foals to stand and feed within the first hour of life.
Normally, foals suckle around 30 times each day, consuming 12 – 20% of their body weight in breastmilk and growing an average of 2 – 3% of their body weight each day. Appropriate nutritional care is critical for the baby. If the newborn foal is unable to breastfeed. Alternative nutritional support must be provided.
Despite the fact that the foal moves in a matter of moments. Mare frequently takes care of her newborn by initiating the foal s motions.
And so this video demonstrates the mares’ parental instincts. Protection, encouragement, and compassion

“Horses lend us the wings we lack.”

Pam Brown

wonderful. Isn’t it?