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This restaurant serves to clients on horseback in a natural horsemanship way

I think we all heard about cat-themed restaurants/cafes or dog-themed ones. But did anyone ever heard of horse-themed restaurants? Well, in this video, we can see one.

Imagine spending a few hours of your free time at this lovely restaurant, watching this beautiful horse. Maybe it would be nice to have a little picnic on this green grass and the horse resting next to you while you feed it with some delicious carrots. This place would be ideal for getting rid of all the stress accumulated in the working days.

Looking after horses and riding can help to lower stress among teenagers, new research has found. A study showed that teenagers who spent time grooming, handling, and riding horses had lower levels of stress hormones. Also, horses can help people fight off separation anxiety, some phobias such as social phobia, as well as panic disorders and anxiety disorders. Since the horses are sensitive and vigilant to emotions, they can respond with the awareness that is evident in their behavior.

It has been clinically documented that just being around horses changes human brainwave patterns. We calm down and become more centered and focused when we are with horses. Also, several studies have shown that spending time with animals can reduce problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety and increase positive thinking and happiness levels. As a herd animal, horses, in particular, are attuned to the feelings of others and are an ideal calming influence.

By promoting self-awareness and empathy, reducing stress, and building physical strength and self-esteem, horses can help you feel good about yourself and act compassionately toward yourself and others. That’s why people often choose equine therapy. It allows patients to approach healing outside of the psychologist’s office. It also helps patients who have suffered trauma recover without having to discuss and relive it. Patients need to approach the animals in a calm and relaxed manner. Research currently in its infancy but shows potential.