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Horse named Trevor is very excited to have some new visitors

Trend in Tik Tok? Simple. If he does not come as Trevor he is not worth it.
Who is Trevor? Well, watch this video once and answer for yourself.
Does Trevor deserve all the love he gets?

Horse running towards the caller

What is going on?

Trevor is the name given to a horse by a group of girls. Despite the fact that the horse is far away, he hears the girls’ screams and rushes towards them. This seemed to encourage the girls, who begin to yell even louder.

How does it end?

The horse runs in the direction of the girls to stop just in front of the fence behind which the girls were standing and shouting. When the horse approaches all the girls approach him and caress him. This is true love.
Apart from the fact that the horse is extremely beautiful, he also responds to calls that mention his name.
This horse is very smart and he manages to manipulate people to get what he wants.

Does Trevor deserve all the love he gets?

Absolutely. Except for the fact that he answers calls with his name. Aside from the fact that he made a video where he was recorded, viral on Tik Tok, he is also very nice and sociable.
And if anywhere in Tik Tok you see an expression “If he does not come as Trevor when you call him, he is totally worthless.” Know that this is Trevor.

And what makes it more appealing is that Trevor will be embraced by more girls than some of us will ever know in life. Sad and lovely.



@stellaraemayallIf he dosent come running like Trevor he ain’t worth it ##loml ##horse ##men♬ paravi das cover of cloud 9 by beach bunny – paravi 💖🌻🦋✨