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Sweet friendship between Walter the donkey and Panzer the dog

Dogs are incredibly social creatures that can also adapt to almost any situation. This makes them great around a variety of other animals. Plus, their herding nature makes them feel comfortable around large, hooved animals. In fact, dogs are often used to help herd cattle and sheep without hurting them.

Unfortunately, however, donkeys don’t have the same social skills that dogs do. While dogs are unlikely to hurt your donkey, your donkey might try to kick or stomp on your dog. If you want to keep dogs and donkeys in close quarters, you should probably only do so with large dogs that are trained to be around large animals like a donkey.

However, some donkeys and dogs can become very good friends, it all depends on their personality and character. For example, Panzer and Walter from our video are very good friends and they really enjoy each other’s company. They always play with each other and they know how to behave when they are near each other.

To try to start these two animals off on the right foot, you can work on a slow introduction. To do this, you will want to have both animals on leads with someone responsible for each one. Start off with the two of them stand a good distance apart. You will want them to be able to see each other, but not get close enough that they can start anything.

Once both animals are calm, you can move them a few steps closer to each other. Keep repeating this until they can be next to each other. If your animals can’t settle down, you can either take steps backward, or you can put the introduction on hold until a different day.

Mini donkeys might be a usual pet, but they can make a great addition to any family, especially when you already have a dog.