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Gorgeous Newborn Filly Is A Big Talker And Doesn’t Stop Communicating With The Owner!

We just love how babies come around asking about everything that comes to their minds or just trying to have a conversation with us by letting out those sounds and half-words they know. They give meaning to our lives, make us enjoy life more, and give us a reason to go on. The same happens with the other beloved members of the family, our horses.

When a new member is added to the family the joy of it can’t be described in words. What you are going to watch in this video is a gorgeous newborn filly who is trying to have a conversation with her owner. We just love watching the newborn’s foals standing up for the first time, exploring the environment, running and playing around, eating grass for and figuring things out for the first time but the filly in the video is doing something else.

She is probably trying to learn how to use her voice for the first time and it is equally adorable as all of the other foals’ actions. Breeder Caroline Cooper commented on the video: “I wasn’t planning on breeding a talker… more emphasis on the fabulous paces, soundness, and temperament but it appears we have spoken as well!” I just loved watching this beauty.