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Baby Horse Nearly Drowns In The River Until Wild Stallion Comes To Help, A Miraculous Natural Drama!

No one can deny that horses are majestic animals. With their silky manes and lithe bodies, they can capture the attention of any onlooker. However, they are not to be undermined because behind the beautiful exterior, these beasts possess such power and strength, it can hardly be rivaled in the natural world.

Horses are an old friend of man. We’ve had them by our side for a long time and they’ve been a very loyal companion. Primarily used to help us travel and deliver goods, nowadays these animals are kept in stables and used either in derbies or as family pets, enjoying the love from their owners. However, it is often said that a horse’s spirit can hardly be tamed and that is why not all horses are domesticated. There are many wild horses living in natural reserves and parks around the world, reminding us that their place is out there, not kept in wooden boxes.

Wild horses are nomads. They usually move as a herd in small numbers looking for food and water. The herds in the video were found satiating their thirst in the Salt River in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, USA. The two of them were composed of horses of different ages, both male and female. We can see their young playing near the river banks and the older ones grazing on some grass.

Since both herds are on different sides of the river, Champ, one of the stallions of one herd decides to cross the river along with a few other horses. Somewhere in the middle of the trip, one of the fillies from his herd almost drowns in the river but the champ detaches from the herd and manages to save her. She then runs to her mommy, happy to be alive. We, too, love these kinds of happy endings.