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Accident in a restaurant.The horse slams into the customer’s table.

A horse collided with a customer’s table in a restaurant.

A video posted on Facebook displays an incident at a restaurant where a horseman riding on a trained horse collides with the horse on a table.
The table was occupied by some individuals who, luckily, were not hurt, according to the restaurant employees.
The horse galloped effectively at first, but at one point, the horse and rider lost their balance and fell on the client’s table.

According to restaurant staff, the table was occupied by some persons who fortunately, were not injured.
The horse galloped well at first. Then the horse and rider lost their balance and crashed on the client’s table.
The video is shot from two perspectives. The first one showing the horse galloping calmly. The other showing the horse and rider falling on the table but without harming anyone.
Some consumers appear terrified, while others do not move from their places.

The horse is subsequently calmed down by a person, and the situation concludes as previously stated, with no injuries.
The entire thing happened in a flash, and the restaurant staff reacted quickly.
But a question emerges from the entire situation: What caused the horse to lose his cool?

Lesson to learn

Horses and humans are comparable in many ways, according to numerous research. The sentiments and emotions of a horse, however, are the most crucial at this period.
And, of course, a horse, like humans, feels uncomfortable and insecure amid crowds. A nd much more so in crowds, when the noises are strong because somebody is speaking into the microphone.
With that stated, we realize that a camera shot or a raised hand was sufficient to frighten the horse.
Not only that, but people begin shouting even when a voice instructs them to remain quiet.
What are your opinions on this matter?